Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Relativity has cut its data fees for its cloud-based, e-discovery platform RelativityOne by as much as 50%. Relativity has also rolled out new flexible billing models and a new licensing option for subscribers.

RelativityOne’s new data pricing scheme is outlined in this report from PRNewswire:

To eliminate cost barriers for organizations ready to move to SaaS, Relativity will lower the overall data fees for RelativityOne up to 50 percent. To help organizations stay on top of the types of data that are becoming critical in today’s evidence, video and rich media data will also be billed at a reduced rate of 50 percent of normal data fees. Lastly, Relativity will roll out flexible data storage models that provide prices that are more commensurate with the value users get from that data. Data used for early case assessment, or repositories where data is reused across multiple matters, will be charged at 33 percent the cost of active data, while archived case data in cold storage will be charged at 25 percent.

With customers starting to go “all in” with RelativityOne, Relativity has created a lower rate for users that work only in the SaaS product. These RelativityOne Users will have unlimited access to all RelativityOne features at a cost up to 60 percent lower than current user rates.

RelativityOne Users will have access to unlimited analytics including email threading and active learning at no added cost. As Relativity invests in analytics innovation, RelativityOne provides more opportunities to enhance this feature set by tapping into cloud-based AI services and more—and all RelativityOne users will be able to benefit.

Relativity is rolling out a new consumption-based subscription in addition to their traditional pre-commit approach. Users and data will be evaluated each month and customers can sign on for this subscription as either a one- or three-year contract.