A combined effort from market research firm IRI and mobile market research company MFour is now collecting more verified and geo-located data that provides a deeper perspective and more actionable insights into the behavior of restaurant-goers.

Here is an excerpt from a press release on the IRI OnSights tool:

The new tool uses MFour’s first-party GPS location information to collect verified data on hundreds of thousands of consenting mobile panelists’ visits to US bars and restaurants. This location information adds a new layer to the consumer behaviour data and insights available on the IRI Liquid Data platform.

IRI OnSights uses consumer insights from more than 1 million verified MFour app users who have chosen to give their locations and de-identified demographic information. The data from MFour’s voluntary and verified users gives IRI clients with both passive tracking insights and actively collected survey information to improve marketers’ understanding of consumer behaviour in US bars and restaurants.

Robert Tomei, president of consumer and shopper marketing for IRI, said: “Providing IRI clients with measurement and insights on on-premise consumption is important for an accurate view of both consumption (share of stomach) and purchasing (share of wallet) as they design campaigns. Until now, marketers’ understanding of consumer purchasing and consumption behaviour at restaurants and bars has been largely anecdotal.”

Chris St. Hilaire, co-founder and chief executive officer of MFour, added: “Combining observed passive insights – which show where mobile consumers go – with active insights from survey data capturing the ‘why’ behind their visits is a holy grail for market research.”