Data privacy software startup Privitar has just snatched up another $40 million in Series B funding led by Accel. This raises the company’s total funds raised to $60 million. Privitar’s data privacy tools allow the operation of data analytics tools and processes without opening access to raw data.

Paul Sawers filed this report in VentureBeat:

Founded out of London in 2014, Privitar is designed to let companies analyze potentially sensitive data while respecting customers’ privacy and confidentiality. In effect, the platform facilitates companies’ ability to leverage large, sensitive data sets while ensuring compliance with regulations and ethical data principles.

The company offers three core products. Privitar Publisher — which features “privacy engineering techniques” such as data-masking and k-anonymity, a property of anonymized data — is aimed at helping non-technical users author and manage data protection policies while also tracking data lineage.
Privitar Publisher can also embed invisible watermarks in protected data so anything distributed without authorization can be more easily traced back to the responsible party — a deterrent for “unauthorized behavior.”

Privitar also offers Privitar Lens, which is touted as a platform for building “privacy-preserving access to sensitive data sets,” and Privitar SecureLink, a data-linking system designed to thwart data silos and “overcome trust barriers” between multiple organizations looking to share information with each other.


“The world is increasingly aware of the importance of protecting private information, and privacy engineering is becoming intrinsic to the way organizations manage and share data,” added Privitar CEO Jason du Preez. “This investment will enable us to scale rapidly in response to global demand and help our customers realize the enormous benefits of data-driven decision making, much faster and with less risk.”