605, a data analytics company that gauges the impact of ads on TV, has formed a partnership with Vizio’s Inscape that will add 10.5 million more smart TVs to 605’s measurement footprint. This boosts 605’s total TVs monitored to over 20 million, according to an article on BusinessWire.

This following excerpt comes from report on 605 from the Associated Press:

605 is now one of the few within the industry to capture and measure both set-top-box data—boasting one of the industry’s largest matchable television datasets—together with other sources of TV viewership data, such as over the air (OTA) and basic over-the-top (OTT) viewing data from Inscape’s more than 10.5 million smart TVs.

“From a historical standpoint, sample sizes within the industry have been small and consumer behavior is constantly changing, creating a void in measurement that is large and growing,” said Colleen Moraghan, Senior Vice President, Data Solutions at 605. “By expanding our viewing data with Inscape, 605 now has a combined set-top-box and ACR-based viewing dataset that few can rival.”

Inscape data is the largest single source of opt-in smart TV viewing data available in the market today. It is complementary to 605’s existing dataset which, through a strategic partnership with Charter announced in 2017, includes aggregated and anonymized television platform data from all of Charter’s cable system operations nationally. The robust combined dataset provides significant and unique benefits to 605’s brand, agency, content provider, and multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) clients, enabling them to more accurately target and measure audiences, improve campaigns and maximize the return on investment for every advertising dollar.

“The Inscape smart TV viewing dataset provides a massive volume of granular data that can be matched against other data sources and used for TV measurement, attribution, and reporting,” said Greg Hampton, Vice President, Business Development, Inscape. “It is important to have a relatively even distribution of these connected smart TVs across the nation’s demographic and geographic make-up, and our partnership with 605 allows them to be more effective and accurate with their analytics and measurement products and services.”