Jebbit, a firm that specializes in “declared data”, collared $12 million in Series B funding led by K1 Investment Management. Declared data is information willingly given up by customers when they answer questions on online websites. Jebbit integrates such declared data with customer data platforms so that their clients can tie in that data with an email address or a proprietary customer ID.

Allison Schiff filed this report on Jebbit in Adexchanger:

This round brings Jebbit’s total funding to just over $22 million, the bulk of which will go toward product engineering, building partnerships with tech platforms and marketing clouds and hiring sales and marketing folks. The plan is to increase headcount from 55 to around 120 over the next two years.

Fundraising in today’s environment isn’t easy. There’s the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe, the California Consumer Protection Act set to take effect in less than nine months and tech platforms regularly getting raked over the coals in DC.

Any mention of marketing tech or ad tech and VCs get very skittish, said Jonathan Lacoste, Jebbit’s CEO and co-founder, who noted a marked difference between now and what it felt like to raise the company’s Series A in 2017 or its seed round two years before that.

But there’s an appetite for technology that helps marketers get closer to their customers, he said, which is what Jebbit aims to do by providing opportunities for one-on-one engagements. In other words, if you want to know something about your customers, there are lots of opportunities to do so in contexts that make sense.