3 of 4 software developers are responsible for data quality efforts in their organization, according to a recent survey from SD Times and data management firm Melissa.

From SD Times:

As organizations move security, testing, governance and even marketing and finance earlier into the application life cycle, developers are squeezed for time by ever-shrinking delivery timelines, and data quality often remains a “hope it’s right” afterthought to development teams.

Among the other key findings is that the top problem development teams face is inconsistency of the data they need to utilize, followed closely by incomplete data and old/incorrect data. Last year’s top choice, duplicate data, fell to fourth this year. Misfielded data and international character sets round out the category.

Because of these data problems, respondents to the survey said they spend about 10 hours per week dealing with data quality issues, taking time from building new applications.

Despite these problems, some 83% of respondents claimed their organizations are either data proficient or data aware, while only the remainder say they are data savvy (15%) and data driven (around 2%).