Tyler Kleykamp, hired as Connecticut’s first Chief Data Officer in 2014, said last week he is stepping down from his role.

September 6 was his last day on the job, and the post will remain vacant as the state looks for a replacement.

More details from GovTech:

He said in his new role, which he starts next week, he will be working with state leaders throughout the country to enhance the capabilities of data.

“I wasn’t actively looking for something, but a really good opportunity presented itself to me,” Kleykamp said. “In this new position, I’ll have the opportunity to take, not only things that I’ve either learned through my job or in Connecticut some of the good work that we’ve done here, but also take some of the best practices and good work that other states have done to help scale the positive impact that data can have broadly across more states. I am really excited to have the opportunity to have an impact that extends beyond Connecticut.”