Data-related job titles are storming the C-suite; the number of CDOs at Fortune 100 firms has grown 500% since 2013, according to a new report.

A recent study by Edtech firm AVADO titled ‘Transformation in the C-Suite’ reveals that the number of CDOs in leadership positions in Fortune 100 companies has risen 867% since 2013.

Here’s an excerpt from a report published by Cision/PRNewswire:

C-suite positions related to data, digital and transformation oversight have exploded, growing by more than 289% since 2013. These leaders have been hired to future-proof business models during the 4th Major Industrial Revolution. Of this new generation of C-suite titles, Chief Data Officer is the most popular, currently present in 18% of Fortune 100 leadership teams.

The fastest growing data, digital and transformation positions within the C-suite included:

Chief Learning Officer – 900% growth
Chief Digital Officer – 867% growth
Chief Data & Analytics Officer – 500% growth
Chief Innovation Officer – 500% growth
Chief Transformation Officer – 500% growth

Consumers are demanding more digital and personal experiences at every touchpoint with the enterprises they interact with. As a result, the size of the average Fortune 100 C-suite has increased 90% since 2013 to include new data and digital leaders.

“The need to embrace digital transformation from the top down is more crucial today than ever before,” said Niall McKinney, Global President of AVADO. “C-suite titles in these influential companies serve as a bellwether for how rapidly and effectively companies recognize the need to expand the skill-sets of their leadership teams. Businesses with digitally-focused leadership will be better prepared to respond to complex business problems and serve the rapidly changing consumer needs.”