Tandem Bank has named Noam Zeigerson as its new CDO. Zeigerson will supervise AI operations for Tandem in addition to responsibilities in data governance and business strategy.

Here is an excerpt from a report published in IBSintelligence:

Ricky Knox, Tandem Bank CEO, said, “Noam brings a wealth of experience to Tandem. He will lead to the ongoing build of our AI systems to inform our business strategy and bring true benefit to our customers. Noam will play a crucial role in our mission to create customized personal finance solutions for our customers solving their real individual problems.”

Noam has around 18 years of experience in data & analytics, machine learning, data governance, predictive analytics, business intelligence, and data monetization. He has previously worked at Bank Hapoalim and Ness Technologies as the Executive Vice President of Data and Analytics and as the Global CTO for AI & Big Data respectively. He has also launched two startups across North America and Europe.

Noam Zeigerson, Chief Data Officer at Tandem Bank, said, “I am truly looking forward to working with Tandem, a next-generation digital bank that is built on data and driven by AI to revolutionize the banking experience for its customers. AI has the power to transform personal banking, and Tandem is at the forefront of understanding its value. There is no one-size-fits-all in banking – every day we are training AI, harnessing the power across app features to give each user an experience that is tailored to their needs.”