Microsoft Excel has its flaws but it can still be a tremendously important marketing reporting tool. Excel is everywhere. Everyone knows how to use it. And with powerful add-ins, it can handle just about any job requiring data manipulation or creating charts without having to rely on the cloud.

The main problem is just getting the data into Excel without having to manually type it all. Supermetrics believes its Excel add-in can streamline the process of pulling data from outside sources.

Here is an excerpt from a sponsored post extolling the virtues of an Excel add-in published in SearchEngineJournal:

We at Supermetrics completely understand the pain of marketers who have to manually pull data from a number of different sources, which is counter-productive, error-prone and probably the most boring part of their job.

This is why we have developed an Excel add-in which allows to effortlessly create reports with metrics from all the major marketing platforms. (Here is a video url explaining the add-in)  After you have downloaded and opened the add-in, you will see the sidebar on the right.

With the help of the intuitive sidebar UI, you can pull the data you want from any major marketing platform and turn the data into exactly the form you need in seconds. No VBA or coding knowledge is required. After the metrics are pulled and the reports are created, you can automate the data refresh and email the reports by setting up triggers.

Additionally, you can get the data while you’re online and then edit the report offline. No need to store the data online. If you work in a bigger company with strict security policies, this is a huge plus.


It all boils down to one question: Would you want to use hours of your time manually pulling data into Excel, or would you rather spend that time on more valuable tasks like extracting insights and optimizing campaigns?