There are many possible alternatives to the EnCase tool when it comes to running digital forensics but there are at least three reasons why the EnCase tool should be the first one out your toolbag.

Here is an excerpt from an article published in eForensics Magazine:

This article picks out three areas where EnCase can claim an advantage over its rivals and contributes to its strong reputation in both digital forensics and proactive cyber security.

Carving Image Files. Carving is the process by which discrete files are separated from other information in unallocated disc space. This is done via the identification of the header and trailer/footer codes associated with certain file types and is a core skill that should be mastered by digital forensic specialists.

Finding Deliberately Hidden Keywords. All digital forensics tools have the ability to hunt for keywords within files but many use a physical keyword search mechanism which can miss important keywords, especially those which have been deliberately hidden. EnCase uses what is termed ‘logical raw keyword searches’.

Real Time Endpoint Investigation. EnCase Endpoint Investigator can solve this dilemma by acting as a ‘force multiplier’ enabling businesses to keep such sensitive investigations in-house without disrupting operations or reducing productivity. EnCase can simplify the triage process across your entire network by identifying the importance of potential evidence, setting a priority level and requesting further processing where necessary. Its ability to maximize visibility across off and on-network endpoints is a huge advantage and EnCase Mobile Investigator extends the ability to acquire and analyze data to a wide variety of mobile devices.