Companies with diverse talent simply perform much better, according to McKinsey & Co. This bolstered by the fact that companies that rank among the leaders in diversity are also more likely to have financial returns above the national average. Diversity and inclusion are among the priorities of millennials as they begin to dominate the workplace.

Ana C. Bentz filed this report in Utah Business:

Diverse talent is one of the most competitive advantages when it comes to hiring. It’s almost necessary to win the war on talent in Silicon Valley as 47 percent of millennials want to work at diverse companies. No organization today can afford to lose out to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

“Diversity of background and diversity of perspective brings better decision-making because our customer base and the world itself is diverse.” (Domo’s Shane) Koller says. “I think the more diverse our culture is and the more representative it is of our customer base, the better chance we have of serving the needs of our customers.”


“Part of getting these [diverse groups involved] is being more deliberate about how we look for talent and looking beyond traditional resources that might be out there.” Mr. Koller adds: “the other way is to make the effort to create a more diverse workforce and then continue to leverage the networks of our workforce to increase our diversity.”

“Diversity is necessary for inclusion,” says Dr. Reid, “but diversity without inclusion is just about representation.” He says that “in order to get to an inclusive workplace, you need diversity, but you also need meaningful interactions between different groups, that spawn the kind of innovative thought that comes from interaction with people who are different.”

To start treating this problem of hiring bias, companies must start hiring, not only with insight but with full transparency. Left untreated, this may topple the tech industry’s reign as an entrepreneurial center of excellence. Because creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture is a statement that drives who you are as an organization and who you want to be a part of it.