While the programming language Python has been widely adopted and used in the world of developers, coders who used a more niche language like Clojure or F# are more likely to be paid more.

Jen Miller spills some intelligence from Stack Overflow’s 2019 Developer Survey in this article from CIODrive:

Programmers who know Clojure, F#, Go and Scala demand the highest salaries, from $100,000 per year for Clojure to $78,000 for Scala. In comparison, Python is associated with an annual salary of $63,000. At the bottom, Java and C bring in annual salaries of $52,000.

That’s not because someone learns Python, Java or C and their salary drops, said Silge. Those languages drawing top salaries are in demand, niche languages.

Data engineers, for example, use Scala for big data and machine learning. It’s specific but highly valuable.

Those programmers who know these languages are highly valued, and get the salaries to go with it, Hughes said. Developers who know these languages tend to have more experience, and with more experience, come higher salaries too.

Companies building science and math applications have no choice but to pay for that expertise. “Those places are able and willing to pay premium salaries to attract the smaller number of programmers out there,” said Hughes.