The city of Cambridge (UK) has signed on with GeoSpock for its G-Cloud Initiative.

GeoSpock, an extreme-scale spatial big-data company, will provide analytics services to Cambridge. Cambridge, which hopes to become a Smart City, will receive the benefit of insights and predictions generated by GeoSpock.

Find out more about Cambridge’s smart city thrust with GeoSpock in this report from Global Banking & Finance:

The initiative will see the Smart Cambridge team utilise GeoSpock’s spatial big data platform“ which processes data at speed and scale, generating spatial and temporal insights “ to develop a data-first smart city strategy. The initiative will democratise data from physical assets to enable better decision making by providing greater contextual understanding and delivering a single origin of data truth.

This will support the work of the Greater Cambridge Partnership and bring tangible benefits to the lives of residents, businesses and visitors, including improvements to traffic flow and citizen mobility, as well as to environmental initiatives and the future planning of the city.

By unlocking siloed data within the region, GeoSpock will provide a common data transformation Platform as a Service, run on Amazon AWS Cloud, on which Smart Cambridge can share information for the benefit of staff and third-party organisations working on urban innovation projects.

This will enable local councils to better plan for the future development of new homes and businesses, as well as for public utilities and infrastructure, such as electric charging points, smart roads, autonomous bus routes, and smart energy networks. Predictive analysis and real-time management of people’s needs will also allow councils to plan resourcing ahead of time and improve sustainability.