Valerie Logan, a Research Director at Gartner, says that CDOs could become more effective at their jobs if they try helping others achieve their data goals instead of trying to control everything in sight.

Michael Baxter filed this report in Information Age:

…Valerie Logan said that the most successful CDOs are the ones that who are “adopting a mindset of being the centre of gravity for data analytics, and not the control centre.”

She added: “If you are trying to consolidate everything, chances are you won’t be appreciated. So the model of being the center of gravity for data analytics and supporting the community of data scientists and citizen analysts is the model we see as being the most successful.”


Gartner’s future of the CDO survey found that while CDOs typically want to be primarily strategic advisors, the reality is that they are inheriting quite a history of architectural dynamics and data quality issues and pent up demand for business constituents and need for self-service arrangements. “It is just a reality of earning (credibility) as a CDO, that you have to be able to be delivering and implementing short-term tactical results.”

In fact Gartner has three personas for the CDO:
• Conductor
• Composer
• Performer

“While they are constantly conducting the enterprise they have to be performing and delivering higher quality data, enabling insights and enabling innovation.” But that is for the time being: “We expect more of a balance with more strategic roles,” suggested Ms Logan.