The US Navy is re-jiggering its IT org chart. It’ll start by elevating and hiring a new CIO, as well as more than a dozen other staffers, including a CDO, CISO and a chief digital officer, who will all report to the CDO.

The team is expected to lead the Navy into the digital, data-oriented future.

Jackson Barnett filed this report for FedScoop:

The new CIO position will be filled by an unnamed candidate — the paperwork is still being worked out — who will oversee the Navy’s information management, cybersecurity, data, digital strategy and business systems, Undersecretary Thomas Modly said last week.

“What we don’t have at the senior level of the department is someone responsible for the portfolio of assets that we create in the information and data space, and that’s what this function is for,” Modly said. Modly has been serving in the CIO role in addition to his duties as undersecretary since late 2017.

The position comes at the recommendation of a scathing cybersecurity review after the Navy incurred several large-scale breaches from contractors. The review stressed organizational problems in the Navy’s upkeep on cybersecurity, Modly said.


Some of the work currently taken up by the chief management officer will migrate to the new CIO role. The four directorates will also absorb some of the work done in other parts of the Navy.

The CTO will focus on acquisitions and prorates on technical infrastructure. The chief digital strategy officer will be in charge of innovating and moving to a “digital era,” Modly said. The Chief data officer will be in charge of ensuring the mountains of data the Navy has can be converted into useable information and help advance technology like artificial intelligence. The CISO will be in charge of taking a more proactive approach to cybersecurity.